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1. Make a new canvas 150*250

2. Fill it with #760000

3. Get your rectangular Marquee tool and make a new layer, ctrl + shift + n

4. Set it to fixed size and 150*25

image 1

5. Get your Gradient tool and set foreground to #760000 and background to #FFFFFF

6. With the selection still selected drag your gradient, mines like this:

image 2

7. Don’t deselect but go right mouse click stroke and choose for a black inside stroke

This is what you got if you did it right:

image 3

8. Now duplicate the layer with that thing that we just made it and flip it 180 degrees, then place it on the bottom of you box:

image 4

9. Make a layer above everything and then ctrl + a and then right mouse click stroke, use a black inside stroke again

10. The pattern I use you create like this, pen a new canvas 5*5 and place 4 black dots like this, and then edit>> define pattern:

image 5

(zoomed in by 1600%)

11. Ctrl + click on the first layer you created (that thing on top of your box) so it’s selected, then choose you Pattern stamp tool and use the pattern we just made, just fill in that top thing you selected, hope this pic helps:

image 6

You have to do step 11 like that otherwise step 12 doesn’t work.

12. Now go to edit>> Fade Pattern Stamp

13. Use these settings:

image 7

This is my outcome:

Final Result

That was it for now, coding will following later.

Author: Ultimatum

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