Melting Metal

Alright guys here is a tut to make sort of a melting metal effect. If I can get the colour right it might even be bronze.

1. Make a new document, 500 by 500 and fill it with black

2. Get 3 lens flares ( Filter>>Render>>Lens Flare) and use 50-300mm Zoom and place it fairly close to the center like this:

image 1

3. Duplicate the layer

4. With the duplicated layer highlighted Twirl it, ( Filter>>Distort>>Twirl) set the angle to 316 degrees.

5. Set the blend mode to lighten.

6. Merge together ( Control+e)

7. Duplicate the layer

8. With the duplicated layer highlighted, Chrome it (Filter>>Sketch>>Chrome)

With the detail on 10 and the smoothness on 1.

9. Set the blend mode to lighten and you should have something like this:

image 2

Doesn’t matter if its not exactly like this, it will still look good in the end.

10. You guessed it, merge together (Control+e)

11. Now give yourself a new colour balance layer (Control+b) and use your own settings. This is what I came up with:

Final Result

Now before you comment, if someone else has made this tut somewhere else I am not ripping, I have no intention of ripping anyone’s work and I’m sorry.


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