Poker Chip

Start by creating this circle #5F65C7 colored with ellipse tool :

image 1

Duplicate the layer. Send it to back and change the color to slightly darker. I have used #3D4A7B color for it. Move this layer 3-4 pixel left side and apply drop shadow as shown :

image 2

image 3

Draw a circle of any color of your choice :

image 4

Apply gradient overlay as shown :

image 5

image 6

Now, with pen tool, draw this white color shape :

image 7

Draw this #B2B69C colored shape too :

image 8

Draw similar shapes as shown above :

image 9

Draw more white colored shapes :

image 10

Use autoshapes to draw these shapes :

image 11

Type ‘100’ with times new roman font having 60 point size or suitable size which fits under the inner circle :

image 12

Apply outer glow as shown :

image 13

image 14

Add more text as shown. Our poker chip is ready 🙂

image 15

Group and merge all the poker chip layers and arrange them the way you like :

Final Result

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