1. Create a new document. I have used 300px by 300px but you can use whatever you want.

image 1

2. Draw a circle in the center using the circle tool with the color #828282 (hex Value). This does not need to be center.

image 2

3. Go to the direct selection tool. To do this hold down on the black arrow and a menu will come up. Move down and select “Direct Selection tool A”

image 3

4. Distort the circle to look more pebble shaped. To do this pull on the boxes and the circles. Below is what mine looks like.

image 4

5. Rasterize the layer by right-clicking on the layer in the layer selection toolbox and press “rasterize”

image 5

6. Add noise to your pebble. To do this go to: “Filter > Noise > Add Noise”. This will give it a natural randomness. The settings below are best.

image 6

7. Go to the blending options of this layer (“Layer > Layer Style > Blending options”) and add a bevel and Emboss. The below are recommended for the size 300×300.

image 7

8. Select drop shadow and use settings similar to below… please do not be wussy with the shadow… It adds to the effect to make it look more realistic.

image 8

9. Using the Polygonal selection tool (hold on lasso and move down to “Polygonal Selection Tool”) make a line somewhere accross the pebble. Then use the Dodge tool (Key: O) scrub in the selected area to lighten. (don’t let go) It doesn’t have to be neat.

image 9

image 10

10. Now use the Dodge tool with a very small brush size to make dots and scratches onto the pebble… be random but don’t go too ott. You can then add a background of your choosing… Here is what I have.

Final Result

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