Beautiful Young Woman Jumping

Create a new file that would have 1024×768 px and 72 dpi. Select next the Brush Tool (B) and install out of Internet the set of ready to use brushes, entitled Blood_Splatter_Brushes_By_VexingArt. It will be helpful when picturing several drops, as the next picture shows it. The colors’ codes are #B6E9FD and #BDE8D2.

Fill 10% on the layer.

image 1

You should get the same result as this one:

image 2

Using the same brush, we need to picture on a new layer several other black drops, as the picture shows it:

image 3

Now we have to select the Pen Tool (P) and represent a ray that must be doubled after that and changed its shape with the Free Transform selection (Ctrl+T).

image 4

You must use the same colors’ codes, shown below:

image 5

Create a new layer and apply on it the same brush, used earlier. We have to paint now in white the end of the rainbow.

image 6

Use the same type of brush, shown below and try to represent on a new layer a kind of blot.

image 7

Select the same adjustments as those indicated below:

image 8

image 9

It’s the picture we should get at this stage:

image 10

Find in Internet a picture of flower, like this one shown on the picture:

image 11

Cut it out, using the Eraser Tool (E) and insert it on our picture.

image 12

Select now Filter>Filter Gallery>Artistic>Cutout

image 13

Press on the next combination of buttons now: Ctrl+Shift+U (Desaturate).

image 14

Make a copy of our flower and place the copy above the original one. Next enter the option Filter> Filter Gallery>Stylize.

image 15

Press now on this combination of buttons: Ctrl+Shift+I.

image 16

Apply for this layer the next adjustments:

image 17

We’ll get the next result:

image 18

Find also in Internet a picture of a jumping girl and cut out the picture’s background.

image 19

image 20

Select now Filter>Filter Gallery>Artistic>Dry Brush.

image 21

image 22

And now choose the next selection: Blending Options>Outer Glow.

image 23

image 24

Select the instrument, shown with red color, situated on the layers’ palette.

image 25

Set the same adjustments, presented in the table from below:

image 26

Final Result

The picture is finished!


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One response to “Beautiful Young Woman Jumping

  1. Awsome tut, i love the background, very effective

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