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mR rOGGERS of is a professionally trained designer located in Bogota, Colombia (South America) who specializes in clean, accessible, pleasing and functional website design. He is currently employed at WVH LLC dba in Houston, Texas.
mR roggers is a multi-disciplined designer with a solid background in both print and web design. Having worked in a marketing environment has better defined his role as the visual problem solver. He is able to carry my creative solutions across a variety of media–print design, web design and developing. His increasing knowledge of web developing allows him to better work with other senior web developers, thus, diminishing the gap that often exists between designers and developers.

He has over nine years of industry experience and have worked with clients locally and across the country.Answer: On the Web his talent has been recognized by such design “gourmands” as Creativos Colombianos (Colombia), Quandt Net (Germany), Defrost (Canada), My Design Award (United States ), etc.

How did you get into web design?It is complicated to specify the true story how I get into this, maybe it was a bit forced under the moment circumstances. What is valuable is that day by day I was researching about the topic to hone my skill and to deepen my knowledge, in this business one is a baby climbing, every day there is something new for learning. In the university you are sat only for a certificate, the real knowledge and experience comes with the opportunities of business.


Do you remember the very first website you designed?

It is something comical. My first web site was a portal that provided free e-mails, the resources that I had were the html editor of Netscape Navigator, and additional I had to adapt to templates of Webmail, it was my “Hello, Web world”.

Describe how your work process usually flows – how do you like to start, what are the key points to consider, etc.?

Basically after gathering the needs of my client, I light up my pot and my mind starts dreaming!!! (Jejeje is a joke), there is nothing of mystery in it, simply on paper and pencil I border the ideas that come into my mind, erase and repeat all the time that is necessary. When I feel assurance that it is the concept most adapted to solve the visual challenge of the client, I prepare to illustrate it in Photoshop (the hen of the golden eggs), and am perfecting the details of every element that build into the graphical exposition. In occasions after that it comes kind of complicated and frustrating, to take this layout to HTML and CSS, it is necessary to be a magician in order that it matches 100 % like you presented the initial Design to the client.

What tool-set do you choose to use in your work (from tool for making the graphics, coding css and html, javascript/Flash, to analytics and methods for user testing?) What do you believe the benefits are?

I usually work with Photoshop Family, Acrobat, Illustrator, Indesign, Flash, Director, Dreamweaver, ImageReady, and Notepad++. I test my designs with Firefox because this Browser has many plugins and helps to ensure that my designs are equal in all other browsers.


Do you submit your design works to showcase sites for reviews? How much does other people’s opinion matter to you? Has anybody ever told you anything negative about your website? How do you deal with criticism?

Yes, I like to submit my designs to portals specialized on the subject in order to confront the level and the quality of my designs. In fact, my name has appeared in three of the most important sites specialized in design:

The important thing is not that they cause the critiques in your ego for the realized work, but as your designs by themselves can hush the subjective commentaries of others, definitively what matters is actually how you feel with your talent opposite to the others, and so the rest is the rest.

What future web technologies are you looking forward to?

There has been spectacular the evolution that has had this part, who imagined to have a more real interaction of data on having been able to show them in the moment without having to be loading the whole content of the page helping this to have a minor consumption in the network (net) since only there is loaded what is needed, still there is much to learn of this to do part of the future.

What will be the next big development in webpage design?

Still being immersed in the impact of Web 2.0, already one has begun to speak of ‘Web 3,0′. Semantic Web? Micro formats? The new possibilities for the artificial intelligence? Personally I think that Web 3.0 would be a revolution if is achieved an effective combination between the inclusion of semantic content in the Web pages and the use of artificial intelligence that takes advantage of it. But the expert analysts, speak that the next great advance can be another one: mobility. After years on unfruitful attempts to be able to obtain a movable Web, the recent advances in this area could accelerate the adoption of this type of services.


Have you ever worked with website templates?

Yes, on many occasions. The clients wish a concrete solution in time terms and money they arrive with his template simply so that it is customized with his logo and other graphical directives.

What website template providers have you tried?

The vast majority of the clients so far have arrived with designs of

What was your experience with them?

Disagreeable in the sense how they are constructed. Often these templates, that the designer practically turns out starting off from zeros, to obtain a moderately professional product, HTML badly generated, flash with problems etc. at least nor to speak.

If you could eliminate one trend from the Web, what would it be? Why?

  • Use of cartoons and mascots (Elitist Snob, Freelance Switch, sr28, Global Zoo, Wishlistr and NetNova)
  • Spirals, drainings and flowers (Rawnet, taDesign, Hoy puls y imlousekStudio)
  • Broken edges (Cult-foo, Web Designer Wall, Airborne and dreaming and Belchatow)
  • Huge RSS icons (ReviewMe, ShoeMoney, and the Daily Star)
  • Designs with a lot of texture (Jesus Rodriguez Velasco, Cottonseed Oil, and Dulles Dodgeball).

What does ‘clean interface’ mean to you?

It is simple, the blank spaces are very important in the design of any graphical composition, specially in an Web interface, the blank spaces fulfill different missions in an interface: they compensate the visual weight between usability and the accessibility, create margins or separations between the architecture of the information, fitting them of suitable form, and mark the limits that structure the composition, doing the interface more balanced, clean and functional.


In solving problems what kinds of process or guides do you use?

  • Boundary of the subject
  • Gathering of the information
  • Additions and descriptions
  • Structuring
  • Design and graphical style
  • Final Joint
  • Testing

What were the mistakes you learned from most while in the web design industry?

I have learned much at the moment for playing with the usability of the interfaces and at the time of building each site in CSS, as well as of not saturating the sites of inadequate technologies.

What is it you most like and dislike about being a web designer?

The world of the Web to designer can be ruthless. Not least you waste most of your time thinking and altering the meticulous details that most of people finds insignificant (and even would probably not notice) but that also you are able to develop antisocial habits like ’seeing source code’ that sights incessantly.

What blogs/magazines/articles would you suggest reading in order to broaden one’s knowledge?

There are many but briefly:

  • What advice would you give to beginning web designers?
    In summary my advice is:

    1. Love what you do!
    2. Never stop learning
    3. Specialize
    4. Have a good portfolio
    5. Keep connected
    6. administer your time
    7. Construct a good reputation

    Thanks, mR rOGGERS, for a great interview!

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