About FastFILMS

Imagine being able to scan a photograph and in just minutes have two to twelve colors separated and ready to print on light or dark colored shirts! FastFILMS™ is an Adobe Photoshop® plugin that is very easy to use and includes a User’s Manual, a quick reference guide, online support, phone support, a special web-based User Area AND a detailed Training Video!

It’s as Easy as Scan, Separate and Print!

When you are done, you will have a very accurate color proof that was produced on an inkjet printer.This unique automated software is based on Scott Fresener’s years of teaching and his intimate knowledge of Screen Printing. Photoshop® is the software tool of choice for high-end separations and now it will be like having Scott sitting at your computer, doing the separations for you! Besides being a highly respected industry leader, Scott is a member of the Adobe Developer’s Network and he was chosen to be part of the beta test team for Photoshop 6.0. Very few people know Photoshop® like he does and here’s your chance to put his expertise to use in YOUR shop. Buy from someone you know and trust!

When you invest in software like FastFILMS™ you need to buy from someone you know and trust. Success breeds imitation and there are a number of similiar programs out there that claim to be as good as FastFILMS™. But don’t let saving a few dollars tempt you to buy a program that is inferior and backed by little or no support. A program is not a “bargain” if the separations don’t work at press and you spend hours making adjustments. The quality of a separation program is directly based on the knowledge of the person who designed it. Some applications are even being sold by ink companies! Do you really think an ink company should be selling separation software? Trust your instincts and buy from someone you know and trust. FastFILMS™ utilizes “off-the-shelf” plastisol ink. It even tells you the mesh count, Pantone®color, color sequence, halftone frequency and angles! Its’ so easy, even beginners with limited Photoshop® experience and homemade equipment can produce outstanding prints.

FastFILMS™ separates most jobs in less than five minutes! You get a very accurate preview of how the job will print so now you can quit sending out for high-end separations and do them in house… just like the pros. Output to an inkjet printer with PostScript, your laser printer on vellum, your laser printer on laser acetate, or an image setter. You can even do square dot index separations! It’s so easy you will doing jobs the day you get the program!

FastFILMS™ Is Great for Small and Large Shops!
(Even if you only have a four-color press.)

FastFILMS™ is a Suite of SIX Programs!!

Simulated Process Color Separations
(For dark or light shirts)
You can do Hot-Split Heat Transfer, Sepiatone Old Photo, Real Process Color, Index Color for light or dark shirts, or Spot Color Separations with and without trapping. You can also create separate CMYK for light or dark shirts. You don’t need to be a Photoshop® expert to use FastFILMS™- it does everything for you. It will build terrific underbases for black shirts and create all the color channels for output. You will get beautiful flesh tones and a printed image that matches what is on the monitor! It even tells you the proper mesh counts, color sequence and more. This is a great SIX-COLOR routine for manual shops.

Index Color Separations
(For dark or light shirts)
FastFILMS™ creates GREAT square dot index separations and you don’t need any additional programs besides Photoshop®. It also produces excellent underbasing and highlight whites. Many index jobs can be done with six colors or less.

Real Process Color Separations
(CMYK for light or dark shirts)
Now you can print stunning CMYK four-color process on light or dark shirts. FastFILMS™ creates an underbase and highlight white file while allowing you to add up to three spot colors. Some of the largest printers in the world use FastFILMS™!

Special Image Effects
Jazz up images with eye catching effects. Choose from five different edge effects to liven up images. You can even create a distressed look!

Hot-Split Heat Transfer Separations (Screened transfers)
FastFILMS™ is being used by some of the largest transfer companies in the world for separations.

Sepiatone Old Photo Separations
This is very popular look. Take any colored photograph and turn it into a rich black and white image (It’s actually five colors!), or give it an old photo look with the sepiatone routine. FastFILMS™ creates an underbase and highlight for these so they will work on dark shirts, too.

Spot Color Separations (With and without trapping)
FastFILMS™ works great with simple spot color images. You can have the program create butt register separations or provide a slight trap to the image AND it will create an underbase with or without a choke!

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  1. favor informar direccion de correo asunto
    dudas sobre fast rip 8.5

  2. dudas sobre sotf ware fast rip 8.5

  3. I have fast rip for epson 3000 and for epson 7800, I NEED WILL USE WITH WINDOW VISTA OR WINDOWS 7 HOW TO GET THIS?

    • I know this answer have been delayed but the company closed so we don’t have support, maybe the only way that you have is install a old OS like Windows XP or something like that…so sorry

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