Who is Scott Fresener?

Scott FresenerScott Fresener
Inducted into the Academy in 1995

Scott Fresener has been in the screen printing industry since 1970 when he and his wife, Pat, started printing out of their garage. They grew their $500 “mom & pop” business to a large factory with over 30 employees and automatic equipment. They sold the business in 1978 and wrote what was to become the industry standard How To Print T-Shirts For Fun and Profit! This book has sold over 130,000 copies since then and has become the “bible” of the industry. In 1979 they founded the U.S. Screen Printing Institute and have taught over 11,000 students the business of screen printing on garments. In 1985 they wrote The Encyclopedia of Garment Printing. The 1,000 page manual is used by most printers as their day-to-day operating guide and employee training book. The Encyclopedia is presently being updated.

A 1989 Impressions Magazine reader’s poll voted the Freseners “the most influential couple of the last ten years” and the Institute and books were voted the “best technical material and training in the industry” by the Impressions Magazine Quest for the Best competition. In 1989 and 1992, Scott and the Institute received the coveted Magnus Award from the Screen Printing Association International (now called the Screenprinting and Graphic Imaging Association) for outstanding contributions to the industry.

Scott has written over 250 articles for industry trade magazines and has been a feature speaker and lecturer at industry trade shows around the world since 1979. He is presently writing technical articles on screen printing and computer graphics for Impressions Magazine (USA), Images Magazine (UK), SGIA Journal (USA), Silkscreen Magazine (Dutch), EuroStitch Magazine (Europe), Image Magazine (Australia), Screen Print India (India), Screenprinting Russia , ScreenMarknadan Magazine (Denmark) and Marquage Textile (France). Scott has taught dozens of hands-on workshops at the Screenprinting Technical Foundation in Fairfax, VA. In 1995, Scott was made a member of the prestigious SGIA Academy of Screen Printing Technology, of which he is the Chairman for the years 2002 – 2004. He has also served as the Chairman of the SGIA Textile Committee and is on the Board of Directors of SGIA for the years 2004 – 2007.

Scott has been an industry expert judge for dozens of garment decorating competitions including the Terrific T-Shirt Contest sponsored by Screen Play Magazine , The Impressions Awards sponsored by Impressions Magazine , and the prestigious Golden Image Awards sponsored by the Screen Printing and Graphic Imaging Association. In 1993 he was invited to be the “Textile Judge” for the first annual Asia-Pacific Screen Printing competition and trade show in Singapore.

Scott has also produced dozens of video and DVD training courses on screen printing and computer graphics including T-Shirt Graphics with Adobe Photoshop, T-Shirt Graphics with Corel Draw and Advanced Dark Shirt Printing Made Easy and Index Separations for T-Shirt Printers . As a member of both the Adobe Developers Network and the exclusive Photoshop 6.0 beta test team, Scott developed industry specific color separation software called FastFilms . FastFilms is being used by over 3,000 screen printers in 75 countries including people who print for Disney, Harley, World Wrestling, Warner Brothers and others.

He has also developed a software solution called FastRIP that allows high quality film positives to be printed on an inexpensive inkjet printer, and a shop management program called FastManager.

In 1996, Scott wrote a book titled The T-Shirt Book for a large national publisher. The T-Shirt Book recounts the history and evolution of the T-shirt and is filled with hundreds of photos of a wide variety of shirts. This book is in many major bookstores worldwide. In 2000, Scott was quoted extensively in a Wall Street Journal cover page story about the T-Shirt industry and in early 2001 was featured in the documentary film The History of the T-Shirt.

Scott and his son, Michael, built and maintain the industry’s popular ScreenPrinters.net internet web site which boasts over 2,500,000 visits since going on-line in 1995.

In 1996, Scott was awarded the Screenprinting and Graphics Imaging Association’s prestigious Parmele Award, which is the highest honor you can receive in this industry. This award is presented to only one recipient per year for outstanding lifetime contributions to the industry. In 2002, Scott was featured by Impressions Magazine as one of the Top 25 Leading Industry Innovators.

On a personal note, Scott and his wife Pat are the proud owners of three Labrador Retrievers (they had eight at one time). For a number of years they actively showed their dogs in both obedience and breed. Scott is the past president of the Scottsdale Dog Fanciers Association. In fact, there are generally Labs running around the U.S. Screen office!

2 responses to “Who is Scott Fresener?

  1. Scott Fresner is a bait and switch master. He is an unethical businessman who put his own desires before his business. In doing so he ran his business into the ground. When I worked for him…yes, I worked for US Screen, he said that he did not have any dogs and that the website had not been updated. Yes he loves when his ego is stroked and becomes enraged when he does’nt get his way. He had many opportunities to salvage his company but could not make the intellectual leap that he would have done fine if he stuck with a decent machine like the T-Jet 2. But he could’nt pull the rabbit out of his hat when everything was circling the bowl.

  2. I agree with Jeff above 100% I purchased 2 t-jet 3’s neither of which worked. It took close to a year to get my money back. I spoke to a previous employee at a trade show that said I was lucky to get any money at all. Before t-jet shut down the employee made a very big sale and the company purchasing it was left without the machines or their money.
    I also went down to AZ to train on the t-jet 3. None of them were working so they showed me the t-jet 2 which was produced by a whole other company. I was never able to sell any shirts made on the t-jet 3 as the colors washed out and I couldn’t sell that garbage to my customers. I spent 30 hours the first week trying to get it working with US screen shipping me replacement parts and sourcing what I could locally. The t-jet 3, fast films, practically every product Scott sold was not developed or invented by him. It was just older technology, programs, ect for other industries that he included instructions on how to make it work. All of the products I ever received from his company came with long instructions on what to disable or set up just to get the software running. This guy has tried to paint himself as a hero to screen printing. The only people that ever praised him did not know any better and did not have the knowledge to find better products for themselves.

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