Adobe Photoshop 6.0 Color Settings Menu Guide

Adobe made major improvements to version 6.0. They also moved and changed key setup menus including settings menus that are associated with CMYK Setup. The Color Settings/CMYK Setup menu was an option under the File menu in Photoshop 4.0, 5.0, and 5.5. In version 6.0 this menu was moved to be under the Edit menu. Adobe also moved the Preferences menu from the File menu to the Edit menu in 6.0.

  1. To get to the new CMYK Setup, go to the Edit pull down menu. Come down to Color Settings (you will note that this screen doesn’t look anything like the older versions of Photoshop).

  2. Go to Working Spaces to make the following changes:


    Custom, Monitor RGB, Apple RGB, etc.


    If you are using the SWOP Newsprint ink values – drop down this menu and scroll up to Custom CMYK. Drop down the Ink Colors menu and choose SWOP Newsprint.

    Or if you are using ink values from your favorite ink company – drop down this menu and select Load CMYK. Change the Files of Type to CMYK Setup (*.API) and load the ink values from your appropriate ink company.

    Here is an example of some settings:
    Dot Gain – 35%
    Separation Type – GCR
    Black Generation – Medium
    Black Ink Limit – 85%
    Total Ink Limit – 250%


    Gray Gamma 2.2


    Dot Gain 30%

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